[INTERVIEW] Jang Hyuk shares what he thinks about the success of “Voice” + his upcoming plans

During the recent Star Awards 2017 in Singapore, We’ve met up with Actor Jang Hyuk for a short interview about his upcoming plans.

Check out the interview below!


Q: Do you have plans to act in Singapore?
Jang Hyuk: I’m very grateful and if an opportunity arises, I would love to come to Singapore and work with the directors and actors in Singapore. For now, I will be focussing on my next work in Korea and will consider after that.

Q: What is most challenging when filming in another country and is there a preference?
Jang Hyuk: The most significant thing would be the cultural differences. When I’m acting, different cultures will have a different interpretation of my acting. Secondly, the filming system is different in other countries compared to Korea. For example in China, the whole script of the drama will be given to the actors beforehand while in Korea, the script will be given episodes by episodes.
There isn’t a preference; however, there are advantages for both filming in Korea and in another country. For example, in Korea, it goes by the timing order and while in other countries, it goes by the location of the filming.

Q: How did you feel about the success of ‘Voice’?
Jang Hyuk: For the drama series ‘Voice’, the genre targeted a certain group of fans and it was a quite successful run and since it targeted a certain group, they will prefer to watch it and thus the drama was quite successful.

Q: What would be your next plan?
Jang Hyuk: I’ll be filming a movie and this movie will be about historical events. I’ll be a swordsman in the movie and the story is about a swordsman in the past.

Q: Would you like to film for a variety show?
Jang Hyuk: I would like to do a travel variety show with my friends as they are all busy and we can’t meet up regularly. This kind of variety show will allow us to meet up.

We would like to Thank Channel 8 for the invitation to cover the Star Awards 2017 Live Show.

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