15th July 2017 – Hani, Jeonghwa, LE, and Hyelin from EXID were in Singapore for their Asia Tour. As leader Solji couldn’t be at the Singapore Tour, the four attended the Press Conference at Kallang Theatre together with the media.

Throughout the Press Conference, EXID filled the room with laughter as they talked about their comeback, as well as their future career route.

When being asked about what activities they look forward to in Singapore and their impressions of Singapore, Jeonghwa answered that she would like to take a photo with the Merlion and try different Singapore cuisines at some famous restaurant. Also, as it is their first time in Singapore,  they are extremely happy and excited to be here to meet with their Singapore fans.


Since their 3rd Mini Album Eclipse has a different concept compared to their previous album, Hani mentioned that she would like the group to challenge a girly concept for the next comeback as she thinks that the other members are suitable for this concept.

EXID would also thank LEGGOs for their love and support as Eclipse took 4th place on Billboard’s World Album Chart and this achievement reminds them that they have to work really hard for the fans.

Jeonghwa shared that if she has a chance to create a uni group or a duet with another member, she would really like to be on stage with a bright and upbeat song wearing a pink tennis skirt with hair tied up with Hyelin.


As EXID is like a family, what are the roles of each member in the group?

LE: Grandmother

Hyelin: Mother

Jeonghwa: Naughty Daughter

Solji: Other Grandmother

As for their latest song “Night and Day”,  LE and Hani said that during the day, they usually expose themselves to the sunlight to gain some Vitamin D and that the both of them prefer the day while Hyelin and Jeonghwa prefer the night.


EXID was asked to pick one variety show they think that will suitable for each member and since LE really likes kids, Hani recommended her to be on a kids program and as for Jeonghwa, she recommended her to be on Running Man because she can run very fast.

Hani also shared some cooking tips with the media where she previously learned when she appeared on Baek Jong Won’s cooking variety program. She mentioned that when frying a chicken, you have to fold its wings to prevent the chicken from getting burnt.


Lastly, Hani mentioned that they will be performing a new song which they have not performed before in Korea and asked the fans to look forward to it.

More pictures will be uploaded to our Facebook. Do look out for it!


We would like to Thank OhMyEvent for the invitation to the Press Conference.

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