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Held at ZOUK Singapore on Wednesday, 20 March 2019, the No sleep No FOMO launch party is a one of a kind press conference you would like to attend again! Before we bring you through the event highlights, NO SLEEP NO FOMO premieres 22 March, every Friday from 8pm on Viu!

Going swimming with sardines, getting spooked in a haunted room and having your fortune told by palm reading experts, the different experience zones definitely recreated the FOMO missions the stars completed!

The No Sleep No FOMO casts (Benjamin Kheng, Hana Tam, Eric Nam, Paul Foster, Kim Jong Kook, Alexander Eusebio, Laureen Uy and Nat Ho) had an extraordinary entrance as they scooted in on the Vespas at the yellow carpet.

During the interview sessions, Kim Jong Kook talked about how joining Kevin Woo on the missions in Hong Kong for 10 hours felt like while Eric Nam talked about how fans influenced the mission they had to take on in Malaysia and Singapore.

Xander reminisced on his first skinny dipping experience in the Philippines, Ben Kheng’s pimp experience in the Switzerland, and Hana Tam’s experience in a haunted hotel in Bali. South Korea’s co-host Nat Ho and Laureen Uy also had their first experience with the “Penis Worm”.
We are sure that every co-host had many first-times during their 60 hours!

Team Sleep Milo 2Team Sleep Milo 1

Through Viu Engage, lucky fans from different countries were invited to go on stage to complete two missions where they were split into two groups: Team No Sleep and Team No FOMO.
Both teams had to pull out their best dance moves to TWICE’s TT, finishing a bowl full of sour lemons and chugging 2 full jugs of milo where Team No Sleep emerged as the winner.

Team FOMO Milo 2Team FOMO Milo 1

Before the start of the launch party, participants were given a chance to vote for their desired winning team. Lucky participants who voted for Team No Sleep won themselves a trip to Korea, a trip to Hong Kong and the recently launched Samsung S10 respectively!

Team Sleep LemonTeam FOMO Lemon

The series rides on the lifestyle phenomenon of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and turns an original YouTube challenge into a new innovative show with high-end production that takes the audience on a comedic and highly energetic journey to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Thailand.

Members of the cast of No Sleep No FOMO, which features today’s hottest Asian celebrities and social media influencers, are dropped into unexpected destinations and tasked to complete the FOMO list. In each episode, the celebrities are required to complete 60 fun and exciting missions within 60 hours without sleep. The missions include riding a buggy with a facemask on in the Philippines, staying in an abandoned haunted hotel in Indonesia and performing at a standup comedy club in Malaysia. The protagonists will in each episode discover new adventures, explore interesting locations, experience wild things, encounter new people, indulge in local delicacies and refresh their minds and bodies.

No Sleep No FOMO is also Viu Original’s first production to include a new interactive element that lets viewers engage directly with the show and its cast members. Dubbed as ‘Viu Engage’, the new element gave social media followers and audience the opportunity to co-create segments in the show. Fans were able to follow and watch No Sleep No FOMO come to life through dedicated hashtags #ViuNoSleepNoFomo and #ViuEngage, as well as influence the course of the social media stars’ adventures by interacting on their social media channels in real-time. Since the beginning of the production, the social media posts of No Sleep No FOMO have organically reached three million users and generated more than 600,000 social interactions.

Stay tuned to our exclusive interviews with Hana Tam, Alexander Eusebio, Nat Ho, Laureen Uy and Benjamin Kheng!
Here’s a little teaser on the exclusive interview:
Xander talked about how Kevin gave him a tips for his trip and Nat Ho, Laureen Uy and Benjamin Kheng getting excited over South Korea’s “Penis Worms”?

We would like to Thank VIU Singapore for the invitation to the No Sleep No FOMO Launch Party and also the arrangement for interviews with the cast!

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