Cast of “Jirisan” talks about the most anticipated Korean Orginal Series

Be ready to catch the latest most anticipated Korean Original series “Jirisan”!

It will be available globally on the iQiyi international app and which is set for

global exclusive premiere on the 23rd of Oct 2021 @ 20:00 SGT.

New episodes on every Saturdays and Sundays.

The mystery yet heartwarming elements of this series are not to be missed!

Introducing iQiyi growth, they have over 4000+ Pan-Asian Content (Chinese, Korean, Local and Japanese anime), 106.2 million Paid Members, 350 million Viewing Hours across 191 territories over the past years. Subtitle in 10 languages and avail in the highest possible viewing quality.

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Korean series ‘Jirisan’ starring main stars Gianna Jun (Seo Yi Gang), Ju Ji-Hoon (Kaang Hyu Jo), Oh Jung-Se (Jung Goo Yeong) and Cho Han Chuel (Park ll Hae) directed by Lee Eung-Bok, director of photography Choi Sang-mook promotes 16 episodes with the genres Mystery, thriller and Drama.

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Jirisan is a series starring Gianna and Ji-Hoon as national park rangers who faces typhoons, fires, flood and untold dangers without fear, in their search and rescue missions on Jirisan mountain. They are rangers who are responsible for search and rescue on Jirisan. Not only can the viewers experience mysteries and suspense, they can also expect heartwarming plot throughout the series.

The two are in a ‘senior-junior’ relationship. Spending hours on set is the key transformations of their relationship. With the time spend together, Gianna shared that ‘It was a very good partnership, we were at ease.’

“I’ve been a fan of Gianna Jun since young” She had left me speechless with her charms and has always been a role model for me. She was always trying to feed me during collaboration and I am very thankful for her. Said Ji-Hoon.

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Ju Ji-Hoon as the rookie ranger, plays his part of bringing the factor of mystery into the series. One of the more challenging parts of the shoot is it takes about 3-4 times more demanding than shooting on even ground. “That’s why I had to run to keep fit.” he joked.

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Gianna Jun displayed a new set of skills potentially in Jirisan, aside from her graceful elegant-like image built in her previous romance comedies series, she mentioned that she never would have thought that she would play a park ranger. Taking up this character is a brand-new experience and the filming process was very enjoyable.

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Oh Jung-se, having starred in many successful and outstanding projects, shared the reason why he chose Jirisan. “Many are anticipating Jirisan, one can feel its charm from the show title alone. Especially with writer Kim, director Lee Eung-bok and photography director’s Choi Sang-mook behind it, I had no reason not to accept the role.” Jung-se believes that the mountain warmth is similar to a parents embrace and that will be felt by viewers.

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Cho Han-Cheul, who played comedic roles in other series developed yet another humorist character in Jirisan. You can definitely look forward to his humorousness character. Han-Cheul also disclosed that he once tried to climb the mountain when he was 20, in an attempt to quit smoking. Cho also joked that the production took a toll on him physically despite his age.

As Gianna, Oh Jung-se and Cho Han-cheul are teammates of the Haidong Branch ranger, the trio shared numerous epic moments together. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss their bickering with one another!

Amidst the press conference, writer Kim shared that Jirisan differs from her previous projects for the rangers would be trying to prevent incidents instead of focusing to find the cause of it.

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Gianna added “Few actors have worked with writer Kim consecutively. I am very thankful for that. The charm in her scripts is that details that seem unimportant at the start, turns out to be crucial at the end.”
Jo-Hoon shared his opinion as well stating that “I’ve worked with writer Kim for five years. She’s like a relative, someone who I will greet during a festival, and we meet often. Her scripts are extremely detailed.”
Both artists expressed how they would like to work again in the future together. As for now, we shall all anticipate the highly recommended drama of the year.
“Jirisan will help you to relieve some of your stress and heal the viewers,” said Ju Ji Hoon.

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