Realism over perfection, YouTube Top Lists reveal appreciation for Singaporean voices conveying vulnerability and empathy

Locally-produced content with authentic and heartfelt perspectives came through while a new category of Top Shorts continues to celebrate short-form videos.

Singapore, 1 December 2022 — As 2022 draws to a close, YouTube today unveils its lists of top trending videos, moments and creators that have shaped the year. A burgeoning creator ecosystem and rich content have defined YouTube as the place for Singaporeans to connect, stay informed, learn new skills, and be entertained.

Singaporeans on the lookout for more local perspectives Hyperlocal perspectives, as well as authentic and heartfelt accounts by our homegrown creators, dominated half of the Top Trending YouTube Videos this year – demonstrating the continued love and taste for Singaporean-made content. Taking the top spot is the first-of-its-kind documentary about prison life in Singapore (#1) by CNA as Singaporeans got an exclusive glimpse into life behind bars in Changi Prison and closely followed the gripping accounts of six inmates. The Smart Local talent and content creator, Chow Jia Hui, candidly shared her experience of ending a long-term relationship and coping with the loss of her resale flat (#5) while creator Naomi Neo bared her soul with a revelation of being an adopted child (#7).

With bated breath, many Singaporeans tuned in to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s address on the relaxation of Singapore’s COVID-19 safe management measures earlier this year (#10) which marked the long-awaited reopening of borders to all fully-vaccinated travellers, and the removal of all vaccinated travel lanes.

Strong support for local content also extended to this year’s list of Top Music Videos. The National Day Parade (NDP) theme song for 2022, Stronger Together, surpassed songs by international artists like Charlie Puth (#4, #8), Jay Chou (#9) and BIGBANG (#10) to claim the third spot on this year’s list of music videos. Composed by local singer-songwriter Don Richmond and performed by singer-songwriter Taufik Batisah, the song is a rallying call for Singaporeans to come together, emerging from trials and tribulations especially post-pandemic challenges, to become #StrongerTogether.

The Hallyu Wave proves that it is riding stronger than ever in Singapore with K-pop dominating almost half of the Top Music Videos by the likes of BLACKPINK (#2, #7), PSY (#5) and BIGBANG (#10).

Homegrown creators influence culture with trending content
Also released by YouTube today is its Top Creators list to spotlight and recognise creators whose local fan base has grown considerably in the past year. In Singapore, over 60 channels have over 1M subscribers, an increase of more than 20% year-on-year.

Local channel, Overkill Singapore, (#2) helmed by Ryan Tan, claimed the second spot with a myriad of lifestyle content varying from local food reviews, interior design, vlogs and Animated Shorts. Food lovers also tuned in to Singapore’s well-loved foodie, Aiken Chia (#5) while Outcasts SG (#9) rose to secure a spot as appreciation for vernacular variety show-like content grows.
It is an icing on the cake for these three local creators as they clinched the top three spots on the Breakout Creators list, celebrating a more than triple subscriber count within the last year.

This year, YouTube announced its new Top Shorts list, showcasing the diversity of content across short-form videos on the platform. At the top of the list, Hawaiian YouTuber Shane Brown mesmerised viewers with his Short of cracking an egg in the ocean at 45 feet deep (#1), while renowned actress Anne Hathaway shared her genius cupcake hack on The Kelly Clarkson show (#4). Viewers were also entertained by hilarious sketches such as the Adrian Bliss’ Shorts (#5) that perfectly encapsulates the phrase “there is always room for dessert”, a mantra echoed by many Singaporeans alike.

Ben King, Managing Director, Google Singapore said, “YouTube’s annual Top Lists shines a light on the powerful connection and impact that videos have in our lives. In Singapore, more than 4 million people turn to YouTube to stay entertained, and informed, chalking up an average of 75 minutes of daily watch time across their favourite content. This has motivated our homegrown creators to connect with audiences through different topics and multi formats including short-form content, bringing Singaporeans together to share their love for heartfelt stories, music, food and gaming, among others.”

YouTube’s trending lists bring together the biggest music, trends, memes, and characters from the past twelve months featuring today’s biggest YouTube stars and mainstream personalities.

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