[COVERAGE] Kim Myung Soo Singapore Media Conference.


After a long wait, Kim Myung Soo, the Korean heartthrob is finally here in Singapore after 2 years since the last time he came with his group!

As described by the emcee, Kim Myung Soo is a Genuine and Sincere artist that puts a lot of thought into the things he does and even though he was feeling under the weather before coming to the Media Conference venue, he felt more energized when he saw the fans cheering for him as he didn’t expect such a great turnout. 


What is your impression of Singapore Inspirits?
As I entered the stage today,  I thought all of you are very passionate and I’m receiving all the energy from all of you.

Having been in Singapore for several times how do you find fans in Singapore as compared to other countries?
It’s his first time to hold a press conference by himself; not as a group and it’s his first time receiving all these energies where he finds the reactions really good and since he’ll be having a fan meet tomorrow, he believes if the fans keep up this passion and love for him, the fan meet be a great success.


You’re into photography and have released your photo essay previously. If you have the time which places in Singapore would you go to take some photos?
“Singapore is very popular with their night views so I would go to places such as
Merlion and Marina Bay Sands to take some photos.”

Can we expect another photo essay soon?
Myung Soo has been trying his best to take a lot of pictures and he always carries his camera along with him. He doesn’t know when it’ll come out, but if there is a chance, he wants to introduce a new photo essay that is different from the previous ones to everyone.  Look forward to his new photo essay!


You’ve all along been known as L, but right now you’ve decided to start using your birth name; Kim Myung Soo. Is there a difference between L and Kim Myung Soo?
L has shown a lot of his side as a Singer and to differentiate his acting career, he decided to use his birth name; Kim Myung Soo.
As L, he’ll be performing on the stage, singing, and dancing. and as Kim Myung Soo, he will be able to show different aspects of him, just like acting.

What is the difference in satisfaction between being a singer and an actor?
As a singer, he’ll able to interact with fans on the stage and there are different ways he is able to express himself in terms of singing and dancing. So the greatest strength from being a singer is that he receives a lot of energy from the fans.
As an actor, you can see more different aspects of him in terms of acting that he couldn’t fully show on the stage. One of the benefits being an actor is that you will be able to see him in different roles. From now on, he still hopes to continue being both L and Kim Myung Soo.

Recently, you acted in The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask and you did really well in the role. How was the experience?
It’s his first historical drama and it’s different from his past dramas where he has to care about his tone as well as his posture, so he learned a lot from this drama and thinks that it’ll be very helpful in his next dramas.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received as a performer?
A motto that always drives him is ‘Carpe Diem‘ which means ‘Seize the day‘.
“Even if you are in a difficult situation now, don’t look at it negatively but think of it positively and you will eventually overcome these challenges.”

As for the bits of advice he received from others, he’ll always remember it. After receiving such advice, he’ll think about it and then turn it into his own advice.
Putting all these pieces of advice together, he came out with one; which is to
Seize the day‘.
“If you think too negatively about the reality, whatever you do will turn out bad. So that’s the motto that always drives me every day.”


What can we expect from your fan meeting?
“It’s the first time I’ll be singing solo and dancing by myself. It’ll be a great time for me to get to know inspirits better.” Fans can expect a love-filled evening with surprises, fun, and laughter!

Also if there is a chance,  he wants to come out with a solo album or pick up drama roles and wants to come back to Singapore for another fan meeting. He hopes this time around, the fan meeting will be ended successfully.


We would like to Thank Faith & D Entertainment for the opportunity to cover the press conference and look out for our LIVE coverage of Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting in Singapore tonight which will begin at 7.30PM!

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