[COVERAGE] Yook Sung Jae’s first solo performance for ION Orchard’s 8th Anniversary Fashion Concert.

Photo 29-9-17, 8 34 21 PM

Yook SungJae (육성재) a member of Korean boy group “Born to Beat” also known as “BtoB” was in Singapore on the 29th of September for the Ion Orchard 8th Anniversary Fashion Concert. He was here to celebrate ION Orchard’s 8th Anniversary together with Singapore Melodies.

Photo 30-9-17, 6 13 54 PM

Sung Jae started off with a ballad “Say It (말해)” and melted the audience with his passionate voice. While introducing himself, he mentioned that he had put in a lot of effort into his outfit because there is an outdoor fashion show.

Photo 30-9-17, 6 14 01 PM

After his first appearance on stage, he covered “Who Are You” from Goblin OST (original singer “Sam Kim”).  Again, he impressed the audience with his soulful voice.

Photo 29-9-17, 8 40 12 PM

Up next, he sang a piece from BTOB Vol.6 “Paradise” and mentions how beautiful the night is after the song ended. He said that previously, when BTOB came to Singapore, their schedule was very tight so they did not have the time to go around to explore Singapore.

However this time around, he got to visit ION Sky and ate Singapore’s famous delicacy, Chilli Crab. Sung Jae also expressed his wish to visit Singapore more often.

Photo 30-9-17, 6 18 36 PM

For the next segment, he prepared something very special for the night and requested the MC to select 2 fans from the audience, gave them a flower each and invited them up onto the stage.

Sung Jae specially prepared a song to serenade both fans that were chosen.
Can you guess what song he will be singing?
The famous song “Beautiful” from K-Drama “Goblin” (original singer “Crush”).

Photo 29-9-17, 8 36 08 PM

After the special segment, Sung Jae thanked Orchard Turn Developments Chief Executive Chris Chong for inviting him to Singapore, as well as the ION management team and staff members for making a chance to let him meet Singapore Melodies again.

He also sang ION Orchard a Happy Birthday song to commemorate the event. Chief Executive Chris Chong then presented a champagne as a gift to Sung Jae.
SungJae said that he will bring the champagne back to Korea to share with the BTOB members.

Photo 29-9-17, 8 13 42 PM

Sung Jae ended the fashion concert with a Chinese song “丑八怪” by 薛之谦. He wowed the audience with his pronunciation as it was definitely on point!

We would like to Thank Orchard Turn Developments Pte Ltd for the opportunity to cover the Ion Orchard 8th Anniversary Fashion Concert.

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