Park Seo Jun kicked of his first fan meeting in Singapore by doing an opening speech and as it is his first time in Singapore, he is quite nervous but felt honoured to be here with his fans!

He mentioned that he has been very busy recently preparing for his fan meetings around the world and since he is here in Singapore right now, he hopes to have a good time here.


Being asked what is his first impression on Singapore fans, compared to fans from other countries, He laughed and said

“They are very lively and very good at expressing their feelings.”

Talking about brothers, he said that there is a lot of fights between him and his brother when they were younger but they don’t fight anymore now because Seo Jun is scared that his brother will win over him.

Seo Jun also shared some selfies he took and even taught the fans how the angle when you take a selfie is important in making a good selfie.


Speaking of the movie; Midnight Runner, Seo Jun had a buzz hair cut and fans taught Seo Jun “botak” (which means bald in Malay). When asked if Park Seo Jun looks better Botak or with hair? BOTAKKKK! the fans screamed.

*He also mentioned that the working experience with Kang Ha Neul was awesome!*


Carrying on with the next segment, Seo Jun picked out some fans from the audience and played some games with them. Ain’t those fans lucky ?

Chef Seo Jun then picked another two lucky fans as they wait at a small table next to his “kitchen” while looking at him cook the pasta!
(The smell of the pasta was definitely mouth watering and even we could smell it!)

He also picked another 7 fans up the stage to personally give them his autograph and not forgetting, a hug and selfies too!


He shared that he is going to put in more effort into his shows and hopes to visit Singapore again with better projects. He’s thankful to have gotten so much energy from his fans as something happened back in Korea that gave him many negative thoughts for the past few days but when he came to Singapore, he felt recharged by his fans.

Seo Jun ended the fan meeting with a video that he filmed before he arrived in Singapore as well as serenading the audience with the OST of 1988, “A Little Girl” and Witch’s Romance OST, “You’re in my Heart”.

We would like to Thank UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation to cover 2017 Park Seo Jun LIVE in Singapore!

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