[COVERAGE] 2017 Park Seo Jun LIVE in Singapore Press Conference.


Dressed up in a navy suit, South Korean actor Park Seo Jun greeted and introduced himself to the media at the press conference of his fan meet in Singapore at InterContinental Singapore on 3rd November 2017.

Nicknamed as the Nation’s Boyfriend, Park Seo Jun found it perplex when he heard of the nickname as he really doesn’t know what his appeal as the ‘nation’s boyfriend’ is and that it may be because he is a very honest person.
“I am actually very shy about that nickname”

Kicking off the Q&A session, he was first asked about his “Bromance” with Kang Haneul and Lee Kwangsoo. The actor felt thankful to be given the chance to work with them and is currently still in contact with Haneul and Kwangsoo.
When asked if he had consulted Kang Haneul on Singapore for his stay here, Park Seo Jun said that Kang Haneul told him that there would be many media interviews and he also promised that they would catch up and get together when he gets back to Korea. However, now they aren’t able to because Kang Haneul is currently in the army.


When asked about his preparations for kissing scenes, he said that he doesn’t have any special preparations for the kissing scenes and he tries to put himself into the character’s shoes.
“I’m a very shy person in real life, but when I’m filming, I will focus on my project and put those thoughts aside.”

When asked about his recent hit movie ‘Midnight Runners’ which was a big success, Park Seo Jun felt really honored and thankful and that “there is no movie where the actors don’t put in effort, all movies represents their efforts”


Park Seo Jun went “Shiok!” when he was treated to Singapore’s signature pandan cake and refreshing coconut juice. He revealed that he actually likes coconut water and often drinks it from the carton pack when in South Korea. However when talking about the pandan cake, even though he loves to eat cakes, he revealed that he has to watch what he eats as it is his secret in maintaining his good physique, along with regular exercise.
“I love cake but it is a sacrifice”


When asked to pick between being a follower or a leader, Park Seo Jun felt that being a leader comes naturally to him when he meets his juniors and when he has to lead, he will have to do it.

Did you know, Park Seo Jun once dreamed of becoming a baseball player before he became an actor?
“It’s really nothing special, I enjoy watching baseball so I thought I will become a baseball player.”


When asked about what his charm is, the shy actor isn’t too sure on what his charm is.
(The media thinks his charm is his smile!)
So.. What do you think his charm is?


We would like to take this opportunity to Thank UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation to cover 2017 Park Seo Jun LIVE in Singapore!

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