[COVERAGE] HSBC Women’s World Championship – MONSTA X Special Show 2018 PRESS CONFERENCE.

Photo credits: UnUsUaL Entertainment
Despite the gloomy weather, MONSTA X appeared in navy suits to greet the Media and Monbebes (MONSTA X’s Fans) for their open Press Conference yesterday, 02 March 2018 at Plaza Singapura, Front Plaza with Monbebes’ screams and cheers.

MONSTA X will be the headlining act for HSBC Women’s World Championship Music Festival 2018, which will take place at The Coliseum™ Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resort World™ Sentosa today, 03 March 2018.
 If you couldn’t make it to the open press conference, here are some questions that were asked during the Press Conference yesterday!
Has anything changed?
I.M: “Nothing has changed but we’ve gotten more fans, more monbebes.
Thank You very much. (He spoke this in fluent English!)\
Best moment from 2017?
1st World Tour and MONSTA X’s 1st Win.
Who does the best in Fan Service and works out the most in MONSTA X?
It’s… WONHO!
What is the one item the member next to you need when you travel?
Jooheon to Shownu: Glasses
Shownu to Minhyuk: Wallet
Minhyuk to I.M: Wallet
I.M to Kihyun: Candies to soothe his throat
Kihyun to Hyungwon: “I hope he actually brings something, as he always pass his stuffs to us”
Hyungwon to Wonho: Vitamins
Wonho to Jooheon: His energy
What do you like to do in your free time?
Jooheon: Shopping
Shownu: Eat or sleep
I.M:Sleeping or doing some music work
Kihyun: Gaming or movie
Hyungwon: Going to the movie alone
Wonho: Work out or writing lyrics
Who would you bring to a deserted island?
Jooheon: Shownu. Reason: It feels like he’s good at everything.
Shownu: Kihyun. Reason: He’s very diligent.
Minhyuk: Wonho. Reason: He will be able to protect me.
I.M: Minhyuk. Reason: He did a program before at Amazon.
Kihyun:Not Hyungwon. Reason: He’ll probably fall sick by the time we get there.
Hyungwon: I.M.  Reason: He has a lot of ideas.
Wonho: Who did not get picked? (He didn’t choose any member)
What variety shows does MONSTA X want to appear on?
Kihyun: We have our own variety show, so we can have the next season of the show!
What is each members’ favourite track that MONSTA X has released?
Jooheon: The video that was being released for Wont’s birthday
Shownu: Beautiful
Minhyuk: Trespass
I.M: Blue Moon
Wonho: Dramarama
After the Q&A session, MONSTA X proceeded with Hi touch and group photo taking.
Monbebes, prepare yourselves!
Kihyun said he hopes MONSTA X will be able to return to Singapore again for a concert and their goal for now is focusing on their upcoming 2nd World Tour and comeback!
Also, look out for our coverage of the HSBC Women’s World Championship Music Festival 2018 – MONSTA X SPECIAL SHOW 2018 today which will begin at 8:30PM!
We would like to take this opportunity to Thank UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation to cover the HSBC Women’s World Championship – MONSTA X Special Show 2018

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