[COVERAGE] HSBC Women’s World Championship – MONSTA X Special Show 2018.


For the first time, MONSTA X held an exclusive Fan Meet for the HSBC Women’s World Championship on Saturday, 03 March 2018 at the The Coliseum™ Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resort World™ Sentosa.
Previously, they had a combined Fan Meet in Singapore in 2015.

MONSTA X absolutely hyped the crowd up with hit songs such as “Beautiful”, “Honestly”, “White girl”, “Shine Forever” and from their latest release “Dramarama” and “From Zero”.


To many Monbebes’ delight, MONSTA X prepared a segment named “MONSTORIES” whereby they share meaningful photos that they have personally picked to share with the fans.

Such a heartwarming and meaningful session with Monbebes isn’t it?

The MONSTA X members then displayed their drawing skills in the segment “Moncasso Contest” where they were tasked to draw something they would like to eat with their fans at that moment.

Curious about their answers? Check them out below!

Shownu: Non-alcoholic drink
Wonho: Ice cream
Minhyuk: Naengmyun (Korean cold noodles)
Kihyun: Chilli-crab
Hyungwon: Prawns
Jooheon: Mandu (Dumplings)
I.M: Water. His reason?
That’s because Monbebes are his flowers and he wants to water them. (So cheesy!)

The Maknae, I.M was crowned the winner of the “Moncasso contest”.

However, there were no prizes for the winner! The winner had to do aegyo (cute poses) for Monbebes.

While watching a special video prepared by their fans, a cake was pushed onto the stage. Turns out, their fans prepared a special ramyun cake for Wonho, whose birthday was on the 1st of March.

As the cake looks exactly like a pot of cooked Ramyun, the members were fascinated! (The “Ramyun cake” is actually a chocolate cake.)

Before their last song, MONSTA X thanked the fans for coming despite the hot weather, and they did not expect the huge turnout so they are very happy and touched. MONSTA X also talked about their upcoming World Tour.
We hope they will be back soon for their fans in Singapore!

Picture credit: UnUsUaL Entertainment

For the encore, MONSTA X performed “I’ll Be There” and “5.14 (Last page)” where they successfully closed the page for the night of their 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore.

We would like to Thank UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation to cover the HSBC Women’s World Championship – MONSTA X Special Show 2018

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