[COVERAGE] A “Really Really” Special Night With WINNER.

WINNER Singapore_2

Long awaited 4 years came early with K-Pop group WINNER making an appearance in Singapore where Inner Circles (relatively known as Winner’s fans) were able to meet them at the MAX PAVILION SINGAPORE EXPO.

Their first visit was back in 2014 where they were in the Sunny Island for the “YG Family Galaxy Tour” .

WINNER Singapore_8

WINNER kicked start the “EVERYWHERE TOUR” with their debut song “EMPTY” leaving ICs (Inner Circles) emotional as they continued the stage with their 2nd album tracks “AIR”, “HELLO” & “EVERYDAY”.

To hype the audience up even more, the boys took the stage with their individual performances with Mino blowing up the stage with “BODY” & “TURN OFF THE LIGHT”, Jinwoo mesmerising the fans with his angelic voice with GD’s “UNTITLED” and Seungyoon with strong and smoothing vocals on stage with “IT RAINS”.

Seungyoon surprised the fans with a special stage when he started singing “Youth” by Troye Sivan. Furthermore, as he took off his Jacket during “Instinctively”, many screams and cheering were heard.

It was definitely one way to hype the fans up as we have Seunghoon’s solo stage when he performed to “Serenade’ and ‘Ringa Linga”, Big Bang TaeYang’s legendary song.

WINNER Singapore_7

Dressed in full white looking like a prince charming, fans were left in awe with when WINNER sang to  “WE WERE”, “FOR” & “RAINING.”

During “MOVIE STARS”, ICs prepared a special fan project with flashlights turned on and fans chanting “Movie stars imma movie stars”. This beautiful project left a huge impression on Seungyoon and he mentioned that he noticed fans were trying to achieve a W sign with the flashlights. It was definitely a heart warming moment.

Next up, we have “Immature” and continued with  “Love Me Love Me”, “Special Night”“Island”“Really Really”, “La La” and “Don’t Flirt.” 

WINNER Singapore_4

With the concert coming to an end, WINNER promised fans that a new album would be coming up soon and to look forward to it. With them giving their ending speech, Seunghoon came up with a name for Singapore ICs, “Singacircles” which leaved the audience burst into laughter.

Seungyoon: “I think a singer cannot exist without a listener. Without you guys we cannot make it this far.”

Mino: “Thank UYou for such a great memory tonight you guys are very awesome.”

Jinwoo: “A very thank you to everybody who came today and please look forward to our music.”

The concert came to and end with “REALLY REALLY” & “EVERYDAY”.

We would like to express our gratitude to UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation to cover WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR in Singapore!

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