After 2 long years of wait, iKONICs (iKON’s fandom name) are in for a treat as iKON is finally back in Singapore for their CONTINUE Tour. The concert was held on 4th November at The Max Pavilion where they performed a series of their latest hits. Excited iKONICs started to sing along to their songs even before the boys came on the stage, which was later featured in Jinhwan’s Instagram post.

As expected, iKON kicked off the concert with their powerful stages to “BLING BLING”, “SINOSIJAK” and “RHYTHM TA” which hyped up the entire audience. Throughout these stages, iKONICs were shouting the fanchants out loud by heart and this made the stages fuller in a sense.

Contrary to their strong bold performances in the first section, iKON’s next songs “COCKTAIL” and “ONLY YOU” were set up and performed along a chill beach vibe. These stages were fun and playful that it got the fans bouncing on their seats.

While waiting for iKON’s vocal line (comprising of Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, Junhoe and Chanwoo) to get prepared, Double B (comprising of B.I and Bobby) had some hilariously fun time engaging with the fans. They split the audience into half and had a mini “battle” to their well-known hit song “LOVE SCENARIO” but ended up crowning the entire audience as the winner. The vocal line then came out to perform “PERFECT” where they serenade the entire house with their soothing honey vocals. Double B then performed to their respective solo tracks “TENDAE” and “ONE AND ONLY” before concluding with “ANTHEM”.

Going along with the flow and tempo of their previous stage, iKON gathered back on stage to perform with yet another exciting track titled “B-DAY’. Next up was “MY TYPE” which struck iKONICs memory lane and brought back nostalgic memories, followed by ‘RUBBER BAND”. They then went on to proof that their tight-knit friendship was indeed real through “BEST FRIEND” and “EVERYTHING”. Bobby also wore a special onesie attire where he showcased his cute irresistible charms.

A VCR which displayed the journey to success of their globally most well-known song “LOVE SCENARIO” was shown and this got the fans to get into an emotional rollercoaster. Soon after, iKON appeared again to deliver the stage. The stage was complemented with the voices of iKONICs – who sang and harmonized along with them.

Next up was a series of their latest hit tracks such as “GOODBYE ROAD”, “KILLING ME” and “FREEDOM” which got the crowd swooning over the boys and maxing out their remaining energy. The concert was at its peak at that moment but good things have to come to an end. iKON gave their “final” goodbye speeches to all their fans for being such active and lovely audience before exiting the stage.

Leaving the fans thinking that was their last song, the fans started to chant for an encore stage. After much efforts put in to getting the boys back on stage, they started off their encore stage with “JUST FOR YOU” where iKONICs hearts were captured all over again. This was followed with a second round of “LOVE SCENARIO” where the boys focused more on getting the fans to sing along with them. “DON’T LET ME KNOW”, “DUMB & DUMBER” were next on their encore list. The concert was eventually concluded with another round of “B-DAY” which was actually a bonus encore stage instructed by iKON themselves to showcase their love and gratitude to the iKONICs in Singapore.