[COVERAGE] The Great Seungri Show in Singapore.


Being an all rounded idol singer with excellent hosting and variety skills, Big Bang’s youngest member Seungri has brought his own show, The Great Seungri Show to Singapore last Saturday, 23 February 2019 at The Star Performing Arts Centre.

From lights, LED screens, speakers, bass woofers till the air ice-jets at the concert, Seungri hand-picked every single equipment he considered best for the concert to make the experience valuable and memorable for all VIPs and attendees of the show.


With a grand opening and introduction, the audience stood up and cheered for Seungri as he appeared on stage. The show kicked start with “Bang Bang Bang” and continued with his second Korean EP “Let’s Talk About Love“.

Flaunting his Chinese skills, Seungri covered “The Longest Movie” by Jay Chou. With the changing world, he hopes that one day many people are able to be speak in multi-languages. Seungri himself is able to speak Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English and even Cantonese.


Continuing with “GG BE” and “Gotta Talk To You” in his Let’s Talk About Love album, Seungri made the crowd burst into laughter as he made a male fan perfect the shoulder dance before performing to the song.

From his The Great Seungri album, he performed to “Alone”, “Where R U From” and “Hotline” where he brought the fans into his diet program due to the intensive jumping during the song.

With more than 200 songs released, Seungri made a mash up of Big Bang’s tracks such as “We Like 2 Party”, “Heaven”, “Hands Up”, “Lies” and “Bae Bae” where it brings back nostalgia to the fans that attended his show. He also sang to “Flower Road“, a single that was released before his members went into the army. Being the youngest member of Big Bang, Seungri will have to serve his nation soon while the other Big Bang members will be discharged from the army this year.


Requesting the audience to turn on their phone’s flashlight forming a galaxy of stars, Seungri expressed his heartfelt words to his fans. Looking at the light filled theatre, he said:
“This is our future, our happiness, our health. Big Bang is shining because of you guys so please keep shining like this until we come back ok? I want to say Happy New Year, have a prosperous New Year, stay healthy and I love you all. I will come back soon.”


The real party starts when approaching the end of the concert as fans ran to the front of the stage to cheer and party with Seungri as he performed to “1,2,3!” , “Strong Baby” and “Fantastic Baby”.


Retrieving the National flag from a staff, Seungri ran around the stage raising the National flag while exclaiming his love for Singapore multiple times. We are sure that Seungri will surely be coming back to Singapore after his military service!

We would like to express our gratitude to CK Star Entertainment for the invitation and opportunity to cover the event!

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