[INTERVIEW] A short chat with Singaporean K-Pop idol, Cheris Lee

Cheris 1

Scouted by SM Entertainment, one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment company while on a vacation when she was 15 years old, Cheris rejected the offer at the time as she was not interested in K-pop, and was unsure about that company at that time.

Fast forward to 2018, with a training period of about 7 years and her current company ProBeat company/LOUDers Entertainment, Cheris made her debut as a member of the 5 member girl group, GBB (acronym ‘rock paper scissors’ in Korean), with their debut mini album “Girls Be The Best” and song  “Kemi” on 1st May 2018.

We had the honour to interview Cheris Lee who is the Singaporean member of the girl group GBB at one of the cosy cafes in Singapore.

During the interview, Cheris shared with us some of the challenges she faced in Korea, mentioning that due to the language barrier, it was hard for her to express her thoughts and during variety shows and programs, her members would help and teach her when she couldn’t understand the questions.

Cheris 2

In the busy entertainment industry, Cheris mentioned that if she had one day to herself, she would go cafe-hopping and take some photos for memories.

When asked to recommend a few Singapore delicacies to her members, Cheris hopes to be introduce Singapore’s famous Chili crab, Chicken rice and Hokkien mee. While in Korea, one unique food she has tried was the chicken feet. With the appearance of the chicken feet, Cheris hesitated but her members succeeded in persuading her to try the local delicacy.  Even though chicken feet has an unpleasant appearance, due to the marinated sauce, it actually tasted extremely spicy and delicious!

We would like to thank Cheris for taking time to have a short chat with us and we wish her all the best in her future activities and endeavours!

This interview was done in collaboration with SEOULHYPE.

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