[COVERAGE] Most anticipated Biggest K-Pop event, HallyuPopFest 2019 in Singapore


Singapore’s BIGGEST KPOP event, HallyuPopFest, was held in the last weekend of May – 25th and 26th this year. We were given the opportunity to attend the showcase and evening concert for Day 2, which had an artiste line-up of TREI, KANTO and VERIVERY for the showcase and G-IDLE, KARD, PENTAGON, MONSTA X and SUPER JUNIOR for the evening concert. You can already tell that the day would leave everyone in awe by just looking at that powerful line-up.

Being one of the MOST ANTICIPATED K-POP event in Singapore, fans started to fill up the venue to queue for the showcase, HallyuPass draw and red-carpet as early as 6am. This dedication to meet their favourite idol groups is highly respected.

The SHOWCASE artiste line-up for Day 2 was TREI, KANTO and VERIVERY.


TREI kicked off the showcase with their songs GRAVITY and DEEP. They then moved on to introduce themselves in English where they displayed their happiness to be in Singapore as they are able to have a special time with the audience. Up next, it was the lucky draw time, where they had a photo time session. Continuing on, they performed LONELY NIGHT, TURN THE LIGHT and ended their stage with LADY. They voiced out their wish to be back to Singapore again, so let’s all wait for them!


KANTO was up next. He started his performance with his songs TAKE and SALTY. He then proceeded to introduce himself and interacted with the crowd. Next, he was seen in a shiny outfit where he performed to YOSM. He definitely managed to steal our attention with that bling outfit of his. Charismatic when performing, people might not know that KANTO had his cute side too. His lucky draw was to have an aegyo battle, where he managed to melt more hearts of fans. Moving on, he performed his last 2 songs, LONELY and WHAT YOU WANT.


VERIVERY was the last showcase performer. They started off their stage with ALRIGHT and RING RING RING. After their introduction, they proceeded to do their lucky draw……

After the red-carpet session and artiste engagement session ended, it was almost time for the EVENING CONCERT.



To kick start the amazing night, we have G-IDLE performing to their latest song, SENORITA. Aren’t these girls just gorgeous? They then followed to perform MAZE, BLOW YOUR MIND and GIVE ME YOU, with them introducing themselves and interacting with their fellow Neverlands in between. They ended their stage with their trendy hit songs HANN and LATATA, which got the crowd screaming along.


K.A.R.D took the stage next with one of their popular songs, OH NA NA. Being one of the few co-ed groups in the KPOP industry, it was truly amazing to see their tight chemistry on and off stage. After introducing themselves to their fans, they went on the perform their debut song, DON’T RECALL, followed by YOU IN ME, RIDE ON THE WIND, HOLA HOLA, before ending off with their latest powerful explosive track, BOMB BOMB.

PENTAGON opened their stage with their latest title track, SHA LA LA, which got the crowd hyping to the catchy beats of the song. Next up was CRITICAL BEAUTY, RUNAWAY, VIOLET and NAUGHTY BOY. Of course, the boys from PENTAGON ended their stage with their most well-known track, SHINE. The fanchants were incredibly loud and fans were also seen grooving to their dance moves. (P.S, they will be coming to Singapore for their concert tour soon in November, so universe, start saving up!)


MONSTA X turn was next. They lit up the stage with one of their top hits, JEALOUSY. The presence of the boys on stage got the entire crowd jumping on their feet and chanting along to the song. Next up was one of their latest tracks which top the charts globally, PLAY IT COOL, followed by NEED U, PARTY TIME and FROM ZERO, which is a song composed by the adorable and yet dangerously charismatic boy, Wonho. They then proceeded with their strong upbeat songs DRAMARAMA and ALLIGATOR. Wow, do you feel the heat radiating from their hotness? Because we do! MONBEBEs too!


To end off the EVENING CONCERT of Day 2 and to wrap up HallyuPopfest 2019, we have the kings of KPOP, SUPER JUNIOR. They started their stage strongly with the ever so familiar and iconic song, SORRY SORRY. Just hearing the first beat of the song will already get you dancing along with them. The boys then performed BONAMANA, which brought back nostalgic memories, making us reminiscence the old days. Up next was one of their newer songs, ONE MORE CHANCE. SUPER JUNIOR surprised the audience by preparing solo/unit stages such as YESUNG’S ONLY YOU, RYEOWOOK’S DRUNK IN THE MORNING and D&E’S BOUT YOU instead of songs that fans have heard too often. They closed the stage beautifully with their smooth ballad song, MIRACLE. ELFs in the crowd definitely won tonight with the variations in stages.

In the ending segment, the artistes from the EVENING CONCERT made their way from the main stage to the extended stage to greet and give their fans some fan service and a final goodbye bow. Notably, MONSTA X stayed on stage even after the other artistes left, to give their fans, MONBEBEs, a special shout out. How sweet can these boys get?

Thank you HallyuPopFest for giving us this opportunity to cover this event.
We look forward the HallyuPopFest 2020 and hope that you readers will join us next year too!

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