[COVERAGE] Jjaeni Kim Jae Hwan charms Singapore WIN:Ds

Held at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre on 6 July 2019, Kim Jae Hwan who was a former member of Wanna One was in Singapore for his first solo fan meet where he met many Singapore WIN:Ds who have been eagerly waiting for him to be back in Singapore.
At the fan meet, Jjaeni (Jae Hwan’s nickname) shared that he is very thankful that his first solo album was able to receive love from the public, and he expressed that he is especially thankful to WIN:Ds who helped him achieve his first win on music shows.
We were brought to Jae Hwan’s mind map where we got to know him better through the different categories. During a short Q&A session, he confessed that although he used to be great at making friends, it has been a long time since he made a new friend as he would like to cherish his friends who currently are by his side. Their usual conversations when they meet up would be about what they would eat for supper, recent activities, hobbies and soccer. When asked if he wanted to say something to his friends who are sitting in front of him in the audience seats, Jae Hwan said “There is bound to be ups and downs in life, but i hope my music will be able to help them”.
He also shared his favourite song lyrics in the album, from his title track ‘Begin Again’.
“우리 저 하늘을 날아 더 멀리 Fly High High 다시 시작해 “안녕하세요”란 말부터” which translates to “Let’s fly further to the sky and begin again”
During the fan meet, Jae Hwan challenged himself by attempting to do a commercial for Singapore’s Kaya Jam, the famous and his favourite Kaya Toast, and Singaporeans’ childhood snack Fancy Gems. His attempts stirred the audience as he did some actions and hummed with satisfaction from the Singapore treats.
Other than seeing Kim Jae Hwan through his mind map, we were mesmerised by his vocals as he hit the high notes of “Begin again”, star-strucked by him tuning his electric guitar and covering an English song, and felt our hearts warmed when fans sang along to “Love you still”. With no doubt, he was for sure the main vocalist of his previous group, Wanna One.
We would like to UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invite to cover ‘2019 KIM JAE HWAN FAN MEETING [MIN:D] in Singapore!

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