[COVERAGE] GFRIEND wow-ed concert goers during their first full-fledged concert in Singapore.

215A0951Photo: Source Music

Three years after their last Fan Meet in Singapore, the 6 talented girls are back in Singapore this time round for their Asia Tour ‘2019 GFRIEND ASIA TOUR [GO GO GFRIEND!] IN SINGAPORE’. Held at The Star Performing Arts Centre yesterday 20 July 2019, the theatre stalls were completely filled with Buddies (GFRIEND’s Fandom name).

The three-hour long concert not only showcased GFRIEND’s amazing vocals, but also their dance, performance and their love for Buddies. The girls performed a total of 27 songs, including hits such as ‘Me Gustas Tu’, ’Time For The Moon Night’, and ‘Navillera’.  A rearrangement of the song ‘Rough’ was presented to the fans through a ballad version which proved their live singing with crystal clear voices, hitting high notes one after another.

215A0824Photo: Source Music

Subunit performances were one of the highlights where members formed 2 subunits, performing to ‘SHY BOY’ and ‘Monday Blues’. Through an audition VCR shown at the concert, three members formed a subunit with the names ‘HUG HUG’ (Yerin, Eunha & Umji) and ‘World Peace’ (Sowon, Yuju & SinB) respectively.

215A0947Photo: Source Music

Expressing their love and gratefulness to their fans, the members made a last minute decision to perform their latest comeback title track ‘Fever’, without any background music. Not only that, after the Fan Project prepared by the fans, member Yuju requested for a sing-along session to “You are not alone” with the fans after noticing the romanised lyrics printed behind the Fan Project slogan.

Furthermore, the members even got together to write a Fan song named “Hope” which is from their latest album ‘FEVER SEASON’. Just like the lyrics, “Whenever your heart feels tired, please listen to this song”, GFRIEND hopes Buddies are able to gain strength through this song.

Photo: Source Music

During the ending ment, the members promised to return to Singapore soon to meet the passionate fans in Singapore. The members also thanked their fans as it was only possible for them to perform on stage with the support of their fans.

We would like to UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invite to cover ‘2019 GFRIEND ASIA TOUR [GO GO GFRIEND!] IN SINGAPORE!

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