Root for AlphaBAT’s flight just like the lyrics from their song “Fly” on their Comeback Album Project!


Seven months since the release of their single album “Fly” in April, AlphaBAT has decided to create and AlphaBAT Album Project as a special gift for their loving fans out there waiting for them.
The album will be made by four members B:etaG:amma, K:appa and L:ambda as member E:psilon is temporarily away for his military service.
Support AlphaBAT here:

Why should you participate in AlphaBAT Album Project?
AlphaBAT will tell you!


B:eta – The one and only project that happens this one time! Give our challenge some support!

G:amma – To my fans: Jun Su needs your support! Fans! You will root for us, right?

K:appa – I am so happy that I can meet fans like this, and I hope you support me, too! I wish everyone all the happiness!

L:ambda – I hope this project would succeed so we can give our fans a special gift at the end of the year! Everyone Fighting!


Member Profilesalpha_story_04_betaB:eta
Birth Name: 
Ji Ha Yong
Date of Birth: 1987.05.20
Height&Weight: 173cm&60kg
Blood Type: O
Motto: I can do it

Birth Name: Kim Jun Su
Date of Birth: 1993.02.09
Height&Weight: 183cm&67kg
Blood Type: O
Motto: Enjoy it if you can’t avoid it

Birth Name
: Lee Yong Hun
Date of Birth: 1992.12.13
Height&Weight: 172cm&58kg
Blood Type: O
Motto: Make the impossible possible

Birth Name
: Lee Yeon Woo
Date of Birth: 1992.05.11
Height&Weight: 177cm&59kg
Blood Type: O
Motto: Don’t give up on anything

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