Seven months since the release of their single album “Fly” in April, AlphaBAT has decided to create and AlphaBAT Album Project as a special gift for their loving fans out there waiting for them.
The album will be made by four members B:etaG:amma, K:appa and L:ambda as member E:psilon is temporarily away for his military service.
Support AlphaBAT here:

Why should you participate in AlphaBAT Album Project?
AlphaBAT will tell you!


B:eta – The one and only project that happens this one time! Give our challenge some support!

G:amma – To my fans: Jun Su needs your support! Fans! You will root for us, right?

K:appa – I am so happy that I can meet fans like this, and I hope you support me, too! I wish everyone all the happiness!

L:ambda – I hope this project would succeed so we can give our fans a special gift at the end of the year! Everyone Fighting!


Member Profilesalpha_story_04_betaB:eta
Birth Name: 
Ji Ha Yong
Date of Birth: 1987.05.20
Height&Weight: 173cm&60kg
Blood Type: O
Motto: I can do it

Birth Name: Kim Jun Su
Date of Birth: 1993.02.09
Height&Weight: 183cm&67kg
Blood Type: O
Motto: Enjoy it if you can’t avoid it

Birth Name
: Lee Yong Hun
Date of Birth: 1992.12.13
Height&Weight: 172cm&58kg
Blood Type: O
Motto: Make the impossible possible

Birth Name
: Lee Yeon Woo
Date of Birth: 1992.05.11
Height&Weight: 177cm&59kg
Blood Type: O
Motto: Don’t give up on anything

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