FAVORITE Go-Abroad Support Project on Makestar


Multi-talented and charming FAVORITE, a 6 member girl group consisting of Gaeul, Saebom, Seoyeon, Sugyeong, Jeonghee, and Ahra debuted on 6th July 2017, under ASTORY Entertainment. The members were able to show both cute and cools sides through their debut album , My Favorite.

FAVORITE held their Japan Debut Showcase ‘FAVOURITE FIRST TIME in JAPAN’ recently on 22nd September 2019 where they greeted their fans in Japan for the first time and has officially debuted on Wednesday, 6th November 2019 in Japan with single album “Catch Me”.

FAVORITE needs your love and support as the step overseas for promotion for the first time! Root for six girls’ so they can successfully go forth and continue on!
Special events are also prepared for StarMakers who choose Sets 6 and 7.

Participate here: https://www.makestar.co/projects/singer_favorite_03



FIRST EVENT: Room Escape Game

It’s crucial to find clues by brainstorming with FAVORITE members!
A thrilling but exciting adventure

Participate NOW!

SECOND EVENT: Romantic Dinner Date

We’ve had tea times before, but dinner dates?
A chance to talk and dine with FAVORITE members
Dinner Date with FAVORITE

Reservations available NOW!

FAVORITE_story_heart_LINEWhy should you participate in this project?
FAVORITE members will tell you why!



Member Profiles

Birthday 95. 11. 26
Height/Weight  170cm / 45kg
Specialty/Hobby Listening to music, Haute Couture, coloring pages

Birthday 00.03.11
Height/Weight 168cm / 47kg
Specialty/Hobby Watching movies, acting, photography

FAVORITE_story_AHRA_2.jpgAh Ra
Birthday 01. 02. 21
Height/Weight 166cm / 45kg
Specialty/Hobby Singing along the music, cooking, dancing

FAVORITE_story_SUGYEONG_2.jpgSu Gyeong
Birthday 00. 01. 12
Height/Weight 166cm / 45kg
Specialty/Hobby Hip-Hop dance, solving Rubik’s Cube, listening to music

Ga Eul
Birthday 99. 05. 08
Height/Weight 166cm / 45kg
Specialty/Hobby Dancing, scuba diving, doing illustrations, rapping

Birthday 95. 01. 13
Height/Weight 166cm / 46kg
Specialty/Hobby Singing songs sadly, writing letters, listening to music

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