Interview with Madelyn Yeo, CEO of SkinCalories and SkinS Festival


“Free your inner character” is this year’s SkinS Festival’s theme for the Fall Edition. The festival which is about the freedom to choose the character you want to be will be held this coming 28 December 2019 at the Capitol Theatre in Singapore. Starring Giant Pink, winner of hip-hop competition show Unpretty Rapstar 3, Korean-American singer Kevin Woo and Thai-German singer-songwriter Jannine Weigel, the SkinS Festival: Fall Edition is a storytelling experiential event where music is being illustrated in a graphic novel format, and interacting with real life.

We are honoured to e-interview the CEO of SkinCalories and SkinS Festival, Madelyn Yeo prior to the festival where she tell us in details on the company, SkinCalories’ signature product and the festival.

Q: What was your inspiration for you to start SkinCalories?
A: It was born from the desire to supply good quality and trustworthy skincare products that people could depend on, utilizes not only simple, tried and true ingredients, but the latest in emerging technology so that skincare can be fun for everyone.

Q: What made you create a virtual ambassador for SkinCalories and also start the comic series “Broken Seal”?
A: we wants to take the consumer on a journey with “entertainment-centric” branding which pulls the consumer into the brand’s own imagination. So to realize that, we created a universe and characters which the consumer can follow, like Magda, as she pursues her dream of becoming a Kpop star through her lifestyle choices, a training regime, and appropriate skincare, using SkinCalories product line of course!”

Q: Why is the brand concept of Skins Calories illustrated in graphic design?
A: Graphic Novel is now recognize as a powerful form of media with the success of numerous adaptation of “comic book movies”. Through the medium of graphic novel, we are able to tell not only our stories but also the stories of our consumers in the pages of broken seal, as well as have them appear in the pages.

Q: Why did you pick the Active Glow Mist as the signature product of SkinCalories?
A: In Oriental Medicine, the key to beauty and skincare lies in the balance of the elements through various herbs. Put simply, it is a system whereby health and vitality is restored to the body by balancing the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. All skin concerns can be addressed utilizing the elements, and it is important to recognize that your skin symptoms can change as the seasons do. Utilizing the theory of the five elements can help to restore optimum skin health and radiance.

The Active Glow Mist is a water element product and is all about restoring balance to the skin through the replenishment of hydration for women for active lifestyle.and Lavender was chosen for its calming and anti inflammation properties. As I have ultra sensitive skin, this is essentially a product that I will also use for myself.

Q: How is the SkinS Festival different from other music festivals in Singapore?
A: SkinS Festival: Fall Edition is the first in a 3 part storytelling experiential festival that connects to consumers through Music, Sports and Wellness from the viewpoint of Magda, who goes from quitting her job as an architect to finally becoming a Kpop Star.

Q: SkinS Festival is about the freedom to choose the character you want to be. If you were to build your own Character, what powers will he/she have?
A: Like Star or astronomers wizard because I like to be at high buildings, highest point, (the highest peaks in the city).

Q: What was the reason for you to choose the particular power for your character?
A: I wished to understand these cityscapes, mountains, zodiacs, mystery that relates to universe etc.

Q: What are some highlights festival go-ers will be able to expect on the event day?
A: Festival go-ers will get the chance to see their favorite kpop, hip hop stars up close as well as find out where Magda is in the crowd, tell her who their favourite artist is and try to guess who is the artist that inspires her the most.

The SkinS festival will be happening in Singapore this coming 28 December 2019 at the Capitol Theatre. If you have not gotten your tickets, find out how to get them here.

Find out more about SkinS Festival: Fall Edition at their Facebook and Instagram.

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