Get ready to have a “shiok” concert with Lay Zhang this Wednesday night!

Decked in an all-black suit contrast to his hair, Lay Zhang held an interview session with the local media on 17 October 2022 as a solo artiste in Singapore. Lay Zhang’s “GRANDLINE2: INFINITE LANDS” is slated to take place this Wednesday, 19 October 2022 8PM at the Resorts World Convention Centre™, Resorts World Ballroom.

Check out five key events that happened during the interview, from his inspiration for his latest EP “West” to his love for his fans and chilli crab.

Incorporating Chinese Traditional Instruments into his songs
In place of a synthesizer, you can use the “Suona”, a traditional Chinese instrument with double-reed horns to make the sound unique, or with the Erhu to convey a sadder mood. However, it all depends on the play as it can convey a different message.

Getting inspiration from travelling and from ancient Chinese poetries
“Many of the ancient Chinese poetries had rhythm and music but as there was no means of recording the music then, their lyrics were preserved through words.”
Cultural and historical places inspire his composition as well and he hopes to experience the Peranakan culture in Singapore.

His secret recipe for instant noodles
Being the brand spokesperson for braised beef noodles, he recommended having it together with an egg or sausage.

Greeted with Singapore delicacies
Chilli crab, pandan cake, and the list go on. Returning to Singapore six years after, he recalled the sweet and mildly spicy taste of chilli crab and how he would use his palm to smash it on the table, splattering sauce on his shirt.

Fans are family
In response to a question regarding a must-carry item on every flight, he replied, “I don’t need anything as long as my fans are here. They are my family, which reassures me and makes me feel more at ease.”.

At the concert, fans can expect hits such as “NAMANANA”, “Honey”, “LIT”, “SHEEP”, as well as new songs that have never been performed before. For ticketing information, please refer to this post.

We would like to thank ACO MEDIA for the invite to the interview with Lay Zhang.
2022 Lay Zhang’s “GRANDLINE2: INFINITE LANDS” in Singapore is brought to you by ACO MEDIA. 

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