YouTube Fanfest is back with an offline show in Singapore on its 10th year

YouTube Fanfest is set to return to the live stage this year, with an offline show in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore that will be live-streamed globally on November 11, 2022.

Credit: YouTube

YouTube Fanfest (YTFF) has been showcasing the diversity of the creator community, with regional and in-country events across APAC since its inaugural show in Singapore back in 2013. This November, we will be celebrating the growth and success of YTFF, and showcasing our new wave of creator and artist talent that is taking us into the next ten years. YouTube Fanfest 10 will be held in Singapore, in partnership with Singapore Tourism Board, Marina Bay Sands, and Singapore Airlines.

At YouTube Fanfest 10, local creators Annette Lee, Zermatt Neo, Julynn Lau, Daniel Ron (Titan Gamers), will be joined alongside Billlie from South Korea; Travis Japan, REAL AKIBA BOYZ and アカネキカク(akanekikaku) from Japan; CarryMinati, Noor Chahal and Be YouNick from India; Nihongo Mantappu, StarBe, Ricis Official and Atta Halilintar from Indonesia; AC Bonifacio, Ranz, Niana and Natalia from the Philippines onstage with a high energy entertainment focused showcase from our top channels across the region.

The show will be hosted by Annette Lee, Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane from India and Georgia Productions from Australia. We also look forward to some music and a live appearance from some of our top Singapore creators onstage at YTFF for the first time.

Creators across multiple verticals, including Gaming, Beauty, Food and Comedy, will be sharing their content at Fanfest 10 with a series of fun cross-market collaborations as we bring the best together from all over APAC – showcasing the diversity of verticals, languages, and channels in challenges, glow ups, fun food mash ups and comedy skits from our new and established YTFF stars.

The event kicks off with a red carpet experience at the Event Plaza in Marina Bay Sands at 5:30pm SGT where fans will get to see our creators and artists up close and personal as they do live interviews with the hosts before the live show kicks off.

Fans who want to attend the live event in Singapore will be able to sign up for General Admission (GA) tickets on PouchNation from 10:00am SGT on Thursday, October 13. GA Tickets are available for free but there will be limited seating available.

Superfan tickets will be available for a select group of fans as well. Superfan tickets come with front-stage seating and access to a live Meet & Greet before the show. There will also be virtual Meet & Greets with creators who are sharing their content at Fanfest 10 in the week following the live show, from November 17 to 21. Fans will be able to learn how to apply for Superfan tickets and virtual Meet & Greets through the social handles of creators and artists participating in Fanfest 10.

Fanfest 10 is a fully vaccinated event. All registered fans may be required to provide proof of their Covid-19 vaccination before entering the event space.

The show and red carpet will be live-streamed on the YouTube Fanfest channel from 5:30pm SGT on November 11.

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