[COVERAGE] Fans from Singapore join Lay Zhang on The Great Voyage

19 October 2022 – Returning to Singapore six years after his last visit with EXO, Lay Zhang held a successful and extraordinary concert, at the Resorts World Convention Centre™, Resorts World Ballroom, sweeping the Lion city with the new M-POP “Xing” style.

Lay performed a total of more than 30 pieces in nearly two and a half hours, of which 23 required high-intensity singing and dancing stages. The different stages presented a fusion of cultures from the West and the East and a never-before-seen stage in Singapore. Lay and his production team prepared 9 different performance stylings, several VCRs between songs, and specially invited professional Peking opera performers from China.

Similarly to the stage presented in Malaysia, Lay incorporated the Peking Opera “Farewell My Concubine“ into “Jade” and “LIT” performances, describing a beautiful legend of “A gentleman like jade, a beautiful woman like the Papaver rhoeas.” In addition, Lay delivered his song “Mama” in a musical-like presentation with a mother and child duo dancing while he sings, and showcased a special rap performance of “UZI” featuring chromosome’s newcomer, LIN.

Lay also shared his 10-year experience during the talk segment where he spoke of his perseverance for M-POP, how much he misses meeting his fans, and that being able to present himself on stage is one of the best ways to commemorate his 10-year anniversary.

Captain Lay, together with his giant ship named “The Great Voyage”, will be sailing to Thailand on 22 October and San Francisco on 20 November. Stay tuned as he brings more surprises to his future stages for “GRANDLINE2: INFINITE LANDS”.

We would like to thank ACO Media for the invite to cover ‘2022 Lay Zhang’s “GRANDLINE2: INFINITE LANDS” in Singapore!

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