“Woo to the Young to the Woo”
Park Eun-bin, who made the tagline famous from the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo as the lead actress, has finally stepped foot in Singapore for the first time. She goes on to thank everyone, as she was overwhelmed by the positive reactions she received towards the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo as she was not having high expectations.

Adapting fast to Singapore’s unique use of “Singlish”, she started off with “Thank you for coming today laaa~.” Eun-bin has always wanted to visit Singapore as she has known Singapore as a clean and city-like country,. She also hopes that there will be a chance to travel for leisure in the future to visit places like Universal Studios Singapore.

On the topic of her role-taking consideration, she answered: “I will always ask myself what is the charm of the character I am portraying and if that is the message I want to share.” She would also ask herself what goal she wants to achieve when taking up the different roles offered.

Eun-bin revealed that she has been challenging herself to try out a different genre, hinting that one genre she has yet to try is Rom-com.

When asked about one message she would like to tell her younger self, she responded with “Eun Bin Fighting!” She also revealed that she is one who doesn’t plan things ahead, as she would blame herself should it not go as planned. So for her 2023 plans, she wishes to be happy and healthy, and ended with “Be Happy Laaa~”

The fan meeting was held later that night at the Capitol Theatre. Dressed in a sweet white dress, Park Eun Bin greeted the fans by performing the song “Hello” by Red Velvet Joy which was also an original song sung by Park Hye Kyung. The name for the fan meeting “BIN-KAN” is the meaning of Empty Note. When asked what she will be writing in her “BIN-KAN” after that night, Park Eun Bin answered, “Singapore’s night was amazing and beautiful!”

Singapore was one of the countries she has always wanted to visit because of the good recommendation by many people around her and “Singapore SHIOK” was how she felt that day!

Fans also got to know more about Park Eun Bin through a series of guessing games. Such as how the actress started acting when she was 5 years old, and it was the compliments from people around her (especially her parents) that motivated her to continue her acting journey. She also said that she was actually a really shy person but she was able to find a different side of her when she was acting.

Park Eun Bin said that she loves acting but there will be a time when she’s not sure what to do and think that her life was boring. So to break this boringness, she challenged herself to different genres and characters. “Doing and pursuing what I like actually helps me complete my life”. The actress also advises people to not give up, to keep going and do what they love!

To end the fan meeting that night, the actress prepared a special song just for Singapore’s fans “Singapura, Sunny Island”. Before leaving the stage, Park Eun Bin expressed that she was grateful for all the love she’s gotten from everyone and thank everyone from around the world for coming down to see her. She also promised to be back in Singapore to meet the fans again! The night then ended with a hi-bye session with Park Eun Bin.

We would like to thank Viu for the invite to cover ‘PARK EUN BIN 2022 ASIA FAN MEETING TOUR IN SINGAPORE !

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