[INTERVIEW] Billlie shares more about The Billage of Perception : Chapter Two and their multiverse story.

Billlie, a girl group consisting of seven members, celebrated their first-year anniversary which coincides with the first overseas event in Singapore. Prior to the YouTube Fanfest 10, KBeats Singapore had the opportunity for a written interview with the girls.

Q1. One word you would use to describe RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)? 
Haram: To put it into one word, I would say ‘wonderful’! It’s in the subtitle of the song as well, and I think it really shows the meaning of the song as it represents feelings one experiences at an inflection point in growing up. We will always try to show ‘wonderful’ stage performances!

Q2. Amongst the six tracks in The Billage of Perception : Chapter Two, what is your favourite song?
Siyoon: My favourite song from the album is ‘B’rave ~ a song for Matilda.’ Before we recorded the song, I read the novel ‘Matilda,’ which was the motif of the song, many times. I found Matilda very charming as she uses her special ability and solves problems with her bravery. That is why I loved the song while recording and even now!

Q3. Gingamingayo was about a strange world, and RING ma Bell is about a wonderful world. Could you tell us what is the idea behind the different worlds for the title songs? 
Moon Sua: Billlie’s universe is divided into ‘reality’ and ‘dream and unconscious world.’ Billlie’s multi-verse universe is something that we have been working on from long before our debut, and we put a lot of effort into making sure our music, lyrics, choreography and stages organically incorporate our stories from our debut. It’s not an idea by only one of us but all members, our management and the entire staff are working on creating the universe altogether. That is why Billlie’s stories are not limited to a single title song but are piercing through the entire album. You will find it more enjoyable if you try to find the connection dots in between when listening to our album.

Q4. Following the different worlds discussed earlier, are there plans for a new world for the next comeback? 
Suhyeon: We think we can maintain our unique universe and storytelling methods, but also show a deeper side of Billlie’s world. We will be back again with genres and music reborn with Billlie’s colours. We will work hard to make sure you don’t have to wait so long!

Q5. How do you decide the point moves for TikTok covers? 
Haruna: We keep the point moves for the song but also, we try to make it such that we are sure that fans can easily dance with us. 

Q6. What are some hobbies you guys have picked up in your free time? 
Sheon: I like watching movies on my off days. I love the thrill and sense of fear I can only get from zombie movies, so I like watching zombie movies!

Q7. Could you let us know some self-care routines you would do, either in your free time or during your schedules? 
Tsuki: We do a lot of dance practices during both our on and off-schedule days. We get this empty feeling if we miss practice any day. (Laughs) Just like eating three meals a day, practice has also become a part of my daily routine now!

Q8. What is one thing you must bring when attending schedules? 
Suhyeon: I always take my perfume with me! I love fragrances, and fragrances brighten up my day as it revives memories from the days when I had the same perfume. So I always wear perfume when I’m attending schedules or just going out!
Moon Sua: And we always carry our albums with us so that we can pass them to people during our schedules!

Check out the YTFF article for more pictures of Billlie, and as always, stay tuned for more exciting things coming up really soon!

We would like to thank YouTube and TATE ANZUR for the written interview arrangement with Billlie!

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