Kang Daniel returned to Singapore 4 years after his last visit in 2019 for his concert FIRST PARADE which was held at Singapore Indoor Stadium last Saturday, 11 February 2023. During the 2-hour concert, concert highlights included 2U, Paranoia, Antidote and Selfish – all exclusive to the tour!

During the Balance Quiz, Daniel had a short chat and answered fans’ questions. One question was to choose between being the youngest or the oldest. Since Daniel was the only child, he would always have to give “Ang Baos” (red packets) to the youngest. Thus, Daniel chose to be the youngest because he wanted to receive them from the oldest!

Having performed at several shows, Daniel confessed that he was tired and that it would be a lie if he says he is not tired. In spite of this, he really enjoys performing for everyone and is getting comfortable, unlike when the tour first started when he got really nervous. He also mentioned that spending time with those who miss him a lot is very meaningful to him.

In an effort to make amends for the technical glitch he had with his mic, Daniel surprised the audience with two encore songs rather than one for DANITYs. It was truly a heartwarming scene that night when Daniel introduced his dancers individually to his fans to recognise their efforts on the tour.

DANITYs in North America, be prepared to welcome KANG DANIEL as he will be departing on his North America tour coming March. We wish him all the best on this tour!

We would also like to thank Unusual Entertainment for the invitation to review and cover the concert.

More Pictures from the concert


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