[COVERAGE] Ko Kyung Pyo’s 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore Press Conference.


South Korean Actor Ko Kyung Pyo was in town on the 7th of January for his first ever Fanmeeting in Singapore.

Ko Kyung Pyo is a rising Korean actor whose last acting production was the popular drama, “Jealousy Incarnate” (otherwise known as “Incarnation of Jealousy”), where he played the role of Ko Jung Won, the only heir to a large corporation that manages several clothing brands. Prior to this, Ko Kyung Pyo was also the main cast in the popular family drama series, “Reply 1988”, where he played the role of Sung Sun Woo, a student council president.

The Press Conference started off with Kyung Pyo introducing himself and proceeded next to the Q&A session with the media.

During the Press Conference, Ko Kyung Pyo brought up that he wasn’t chasing after fame while filming but was rather, focusing on making different series of dramas and building up his friendships with other actors.
He shared with us that during the filming of Youth Over Flowers, there was an accident where he was rafting and fell into the water. However, as it was too dangerous, the scene was being edited out.
Due to this incident, his mindset changed and he was more sincere to every moment he had after he went back to Korea.
When asked about scenes where he was filming Jealousy Incarnate, he said that when he was filming the romantic scenes, there were many times where he will cringe.
About which role he would like to take on in his next project, Ko Kyung Pyo said that he would take any role that was given to him but also expressed that he would like a role that was not portrayed before so that he is able to show a different side of himself.
Compared to his role in Jealousy Incarnate, Ko Kyung Pyo was more of a meticulous person and his personality is closer to the character he played (Go Jung Won) as compared to the character Jo Jung Suk (Lee Hwa Shin) played.
He’s a person who enjoys time being with his friends.
When he’s by himself, he would listen to calm and soothing music, go mountain climbing or go for a drive.
Ko Kyung Pyo revealed that in the first half of the year, there might be a project which he will be embarking on and as the filming of ‘Jealousy Incarnate’ has ended, he has had a lot of rest time. During this rest time, he went to many different countries like Hong Kong, Japan and of course Singapore and having a good time.
As the Korean New Year is coming soon, he would like to visit his family and spend some time together with his family. He also mentioned that he wanted to go for a swim at the Infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands and also to visit the Singapore Flyer but due to his tight schedule, he was unable to. However, if time permits, he would plan a time to go to these places as he has a cousin who is living in Singapore.
With that, the Press Conference concluded.
We would like to Thank KMTV for the invitation to the Press Conference of Ko Kyung Pyo’s 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore.

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