[COVERAGE] Park BoGum Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Singapore Press Conference


Park BoGum; The popular actor from dramas ‘Love in the Moonlight’ and ‘Reply 1988’ is in Singapore to promote for his first ever fan meeting in Singapore! The press conference for Park BoGum Asia Tour in Singapore was held a day before the fan meet.

 As it is still winter in Korea, BoGum feels that the weather here in Singapore is fantastic as it is very warm and also the sky is very beautiful.


As he will be in town for 4 Days, BoGum mentioned that he would really like to take some time and explore different parts of Singapore as he hasn’t gotten the chance to explore Singapore as he arrived last night.

BoGum tried Laksa and Bak Kut Teh for the first time in his life today and found that it was really tasty and fantastic. Thus, he wants to try many local foods that he had heard about and spend some time going around the city and tasting different local delicacies. He even got some recommendations from the MC and the Media where Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow, Satay and Satay Beehoon were mentioned.


When asked if there will be any spoilers for the fan meeting,

BoGum said in English: “It’s a secret”.

As he wants his fans to have a fun time, he had a lot of worries during the preparation for his fan meet. BoGum also mentioned that he prepared a surprise present and also special moments for the fan meet and asked fans to look forward to the fan meeting that will be happening tomorrow at The Star Theatre.


Humble and kind, sweet and polite, cute and charming are descriptions that describe Park BoGum. He’s grateful for the beautiful terms that was given to him and he wants to live up to the terms and touch the hearts of many people around him.

BoGum described himself as a positive man, he’s diligent in whatever he does, so he puts his best and all of his time in everything he does and also not forgetting to appreciate things that happen to him and lastly, to be thankful.

BoGum thinks his most attractive feature is his eyes but he thinks he’s greedy as he wants to grow taller and also, to be healthier. Also, “When you love yourself, you tend to see a lot of negativities in terms of your feature or character so the most important thing is to love yourself adequately in order to see a more positive side of yourself instead of the negative”.


Being called the Nation’s crown prince, Nation’s son-in-law, BoGum wishes that people would continue calling him these titles as he really likes it. As BoGum is always smiley throughout the press conference, the MC asked if what he would look like if he frowned. So, BoGum frowned for about a second and started smiling again after.

The biggest change over the years is that people would recognise him and also, he is not able to visit a crowded place as it will result in overcrowding in the place and affect the residents of the area.


Q: If he could think about what project you could have with Song Joong Ki, what would that be?

“What could it be? ;)”

He continued that if he has the opportunity, he wants to be part of a project where it talks about family life or a relationship between siblings. If the story is about siblings, he wants to be part of the story where it talks about siblings who have not met for a long time.


It will be his first time meeting Singapore fans, so he is really looking forward to meeting them. Also, as Singapore is the last stop of his Asian tour, BoGum wants to be able to see his fans as soon as possible as he really wants to meet his fans and he really wants to make it a memorable time for his fans tomorrow at the fan meet.

He hopes that in the year of 2017, it will be another year of greater blessing and putting in a greater amount of effort into developing himself to a better actor.


Even though BoGum haven’t had any official events in Singapore and it’s his first time here in Singapore, he has received so much love and support from the fans and media here in Singapore and would like to thank them.

 So now the question from BoGum:

Who is the most popular Korean actor/star in Singapore?


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