[COVERAGE] Lee JoonGi Thank-You’ Asia Tour Live in Singapore Press Conference

photo-3-3-17-4-55-51-amScarlet Heart 4th Prince, Lee JoonGi an actor, model and singer from South Korea is in town for his ‘Thank-You’ Asia Tour Fan Meeting Press Conference.

As it is his first time in Singapore, he apologized to his fans because he wasn’t able to visit Singapore earlier given the amount of fans here.

photo-3-3-17-4-41-03-am As it’s his first time in Singapore, he heard so much about his fans passion, energy and from his fans whom he met through social network. He really look forward to meeting his fans here and is sure that they will be a good source of energy to him.


Because he heard so many good stuff about Singapore, he wanted to plan a trip here with his family and bring them to the streets like Orchard Road, Universal Studio and Sentosa. As that did not happen, he is still here for his fan meeting and would really want to make many good memories here in Singapore.

photo-3-3-17-4-57-32-amHe did not find the preparation of the fan meeting difficult and instead he enjoyed the whole process and because he is showcasing something he love and because of that, he is excited to meet with his fans tomorrow.


Special meaning behind his fan meeting title “Thank-You.”

As there are many people he met through the main production that he was part of, he really want to extend his gratitude to them. Even though there is many other better titles, he picked ‘Thank-You’ because it represents what this whole series of fan meeting is about.


JoonGi would not call memorizing dance steps from famous singer eg. Bigbang & Twice challenging because first of all he enjoyed the whole process and per mention, he cannot compare his singing to professional singer because he believe his fans will love everything he do on stage but “I’m on the stage i want to put up a good performance for them” he said. Tough but he enjoyed.


Singing or Dancing?

He personally picked dancing because he feels dancing is more dynamic and when he sings and dances, he is able to relax and have fun with his fans.


JoonGi said that he still has a long way to go in acting because his appearance in resident evil is more on a special appearance. However, that whole experience is a fun and enjoyable one and it was an inspiring one and is honored to be a part of the production.

The actor also reached out to the directors to “Please keep in mind for any future production so that people can see him in his future production.”

photo-3-3-17-5-00-13-amCan you guess his favourite sport?

YYYYYEESSSS!! You are right!

Soccer & Golf!

He regret picking up golf late but still, really enjoyed it and would love to continue with the golf journey.


The press conference ended with JoonGi taking up the challenge of having a quick golfing session with another golfer. He is also really excited to create more memories with his fans and make the fan meeting a success.

Look forward to our event coverage of HSBC Women’s Champions Music Festival feat. LEE JOON GI [THANK YOU] ASIA TOUR!


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